The Babies Who Don’t Sleep

I always thought moms were exaggerating when they said their baby didn’t sleep. I mean they are babies that is how they spend the majority of their day, right?

My oldest child just assured me that I was correct. While she didn’t sleep eight straight hours, she would only wake once during the night to nurse and then off to dreamland she would go. This isn’t so bad. Some mom’s must just want pity or they are a little lazy and that’s why they complain. Right?

See all these lovely pictures of her snoozing away.

And then this happened…

The babies who don’t need sleep.

Apparently it is true some babies don’t sleep.


I was wrong, very very wrong. I am sorry to any mom I may have judged. You weren’t kidding when you said your baby didn’t sleep. You aren’t a bad mom. You aren’t being selfish and wanting your baby to sleep all the time. You aren’t crazy. And if you are it is because you haven’t slept six solid hours in eight months.

In my sleep deprived state I actually googled “my baby doesn’t sleep” a couple nights ago. Want to know what comes up? A bunch of crazy stuff that doesn’t make a mom running on 20 percent feel any better…No I will not let my baby cry it out for hours. No I don’t hold my baby all day and that’s why she won’t sleep. No I do not need to go through a four hour bedtime routine. I don’t really need to read that short sleep cycles are a survival technique (because then I convince myself that I need to be thankful for babies who don’t sleep).

Want to know what I need?


When we found out we were having twins there were things I knew I would need two of and things I thought one would be sufficient.

                     Car Seats – Two   High Chairs- Two     Playmat – One  Baby Swing – One

See that last one?  Big Mistake. While my oldest basically never used the swing, it is the only way my twins will sleep. And guess what I only have one. I joke that it is basically like having one baby that never sleeps.

And since teething has hit our house in full force, the five or so hours that they did sleep simultaneously throughout the night has went out the window. There are times when my teething baby will only sleep while being held. So away to the rocking chair I would go. Until last week when our chair broke. Well technically, the twenty-five year old chair had been broken for a long time. When the back of the chair fell of when I sat down holding a baby, I decided it was finally time to bite the bullet and get a new chair.

So as I rock away this morning in my comfy new chair. Let me tell you what I have learned. Sometimes being a mom means being tired, uncomfortable, and just a little bit crazy, but one thing we don’t need is other mom’s judgment. My first baby still sleeps amazing, and I am sure that my twins will too…someday. But it doesn’t mean that I was a good mom and now I am terrible. It doesn’t mean that now I am doing something wrong. It means I am raising three different individuals. Three different personalities. Three different people.


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