Old Books, New Life

IMG_7624.jpgIf you come to my house the second thing you will notice, after the insane toy explosion in the living room, is that there are books everywhere. What you won’t see are the shelves of books stowed away in the basement, because there is no where else for them to go.While I am extremely cheap and thrifty about most things, books are my weakness.

I have always loved books, and thankfully so do my children. My twins current attention span is about thirty seconds,  and they think books are more fun to chew than read. My four-year-old, however, can listen to at least a half dozen books before she is ready to move on. I am so glad it is something we can share.

When my eldest was two my grandma brought us a laundry basket full of children’s books, most of which were mine when I was little. A few even belonged to my mom. I was so excited! Not only was it dozens of awesome books, but these books have memories attached to them. Now I get to share them with my daughters and make new memories.

Top Five Books that I loved and my daughter now loves….

The Foot Book By Dr. Seuss

image copy

This was the first book that I ever remember reading by myself. I can actually remember sitting at my grandparents house and reading it to them. Most everyone has read this adorable classic Seuss book.

Arthur’s Chicken Pox By Marc Brown

image copy3

I remember liking all Arthur books, but my girl really loves them. At one point this was a nightly request. The basic plot consists of Arthur getting the chicken pox when his family is planning a trip to the circus. The story goes on to tell about the silly things Arthur’s sister , DW, does to try to regain some attention. It’s really nice that the story gives so much attention to DW, who often doesn’t get as much attention in other Arthur books.

The Monster at the End of this Book Starring Lovable, Furry Old Grover

image copy2

This book is simply too cute, and keeps little ones laughing and guessing until the very end. We even have an iPhone Ap that is based on this story. A must read for any kid, especially Sesame Street fans.

Any and All Berenstain Bears Books By Stan and Jan Berenstain

image copy4

We can’t pick just one of these wonderful books. Berenstain Bears books are just the right length. They have adorable story lines, and best of all most every story teaches some positive character quality…forgiveness, sharing, work ethic, etc. When I was little I had a bear that went along with a Berenstain Bears movie. The bear would talk and interact with the movie. I think I remember something about a pirate exploring in an attic. Anyone else remember this?

and our favorite…..

A Porcupine Named Fluffy By Helen Lester

image copy5

If you haven’t read this book you’re seriously missing out. It is the story of a porcupine who tries to live up to his oxymoron of a name. He ends up making a new friend who helps him understand that maybe you can’t make assumptions based on a name. We enjoy this book so much we found another book by Helen Lester to enjoy, Tacky the Penguin.

I am glad I get to share these wonderful books from my childhood with my own children.

Do you have a favorite book from your childhood that your kiddos love?







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6 thoughts on “Old Books, New Life

  1. I have always loved The Monster at the End of this book. Grover was my favorite character growing up and I had fond memories of reading the book. I bought it and read it with my kids the moment I became a mom; they thought it was cute but, sadly, it never became a favorite of theirs.


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