Left Brain Momma Raising a Right Brain Child


Confession: When I was pregnant with my eldest I was pretty convinced she was a boy.

My husband’s family is mostly boys, and I just never imagined we would have a daughter.  At the anatomy scan we were shocked to find out I was carrying a wonderful, amazing baby girl. Immediately, I imagined a little mini-me.

Four years and tons of personality later, I couldn’t ask for a better daughter. Avee Bug, is an amazing big sister, mommy’s helper, and daddy’s girl. I also couldn’t imagine someone so different from me.


I am basically a completely left brain, type a personality. While Avee is almost completely right brain, type b personality.

I am logical, to a fault. She is the most creative child I have every met. She spends a great majority of her day in make-believe land. I don’t even know how to get to the land of make-believe.

Prime example: She has an imaginary friend. Pretty normal for a four year old right? But get this… her imaginary friend’s name is Pig. But guess what Pig isn’t a pig. Pig is a bird. A bird with a family. ……I can’t even. The closest thing to an imaginary friend I ever had was pretend students when I would play school. According to my mom, the only thing I ever played when I was a kid was school and mom. So apparently I have never been able to imagine.

I love writing and reading. Avee enjoys me reading to her, but her favorite subjects are science and the arts.


I am a stickler for getting the words of songs correct, but I have absolutely no rhythm what-so-ever. (Ask my husband. I am convinced he sings loud at church simply to cover up my horrible singing. While I shove a song book at him, so he will get the words right.) Avee is constantly making up words to songs, inventing  her own songs, and one of her favorite parts of Sundays is getting to sing in front of the entire church.IMG_2586

In my head, tasks should be completed in a certain order with no variance. I don’t really question the logical order. For Avee there is no such thing as logical order. I mean she has literally asked for a cheese sandwich for breakfast?!? While I have the exact same routine of coffee followed by two pieces of toast every morning.

A messy house drives me insane. I don’t have the time to keep my house as clean as I would like, but inside it really gets on my nerves that everything isn’t put away. Avee thrives in mess. I spent almost an entire day organizing her room with separate bins and containers, a home for everything. In no time I couldn’t see the floor of her room. She informed me she liked it that way. Ahhhhhhh

To say that our different personalities cause us to butt heads would be a major understatement.

She thinks I fuss all the time. I think she never listens.

I want eye contact. She insists that she can see me even though her eyes look off.

She wants to tell me a story about everything. I want to get things done quickly and efficiently .

I think she is being rude and disrespectful. She really just has a lot of personality and expression in everything she does and says.


Even though there are days when our differences drive me insane. I wouldn’t change a thing about her.

She knows who she is and doesn’t change for anyone. All the other kids want to play race cars? Thats nice. She is perfectly fine going off on her own to play kitchen.

Her big personality comes with big dreams. She currently wants to be zoo vet when she grow up.IMG_7682


I obsess about doing things the way they are “supposed” to be done, and to Avee there is no “right way.” Nothing is impossible. She just has to find a different way.


So even though I am the mom, she is teaching me a few things along the way.

There are times every day when I have to step back and realize my job is to guide and teach, not change and clone.

I have to encourage time management, but understand that to her time isn’t really relevant.

She has to learn math and reading. But I have learned that sometimes a song is the best way to get those skills to stick in her brain.

And even though I think its disgusting and crazy there are worse things than a cheese sandwich for breakfast.



left brain/right brain images from : brainbalancecenter.com and usmas.ca



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